General Information

SwanIT Oy (former Lan Group Finland Oy) is authorized PearsonVUE Selected and Professional Gmat testing center.


You can find more than 3500 different tests from our selection including Computer Associates, Comptia, Cisco, Citrix, IBM,Microsoft, Oracle, HP and many others.

Our testing center is open every working day 10:00-16.00. Our testingfacilities Classroom for 15 persons. In this way we can offer best environment to concentrate.

How to order

IT -exam's can be ordered via e-mail or call +358(0) 20 740 2720. Order should include following information:


mailing address

invoice address

e-mail address

phone number

test code

test name

preferred day and time.

Also possible Voucher number (Vouchers can't be used after test)

Tests are privet for one person only and valid only date earlier agreed. Because of this tests should be ordered three (3) working days advance.

We are able to reschedule or cancel exam three (3) working days before Your appointment time. Otherwise we have to charge for the test price.


Candidate should arrive about 15 minutes before scheduled time. Candidate needs only official id (Passport). We provide equipment for notes. Candiddates are not allowed to take personal items into testing area. For storing we offer locked cabinets during exam.